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Organization for Gender, Civic Engagement and Youth Development (OGCEYOD) Cameroon is an organization in its youthful stage but made up of Dynamic, talented and proactive Cameroon who will stop at nothing to reduce poverty in Cameroon. Target groups are Youths and Women because they constitute the most vulnerable groups in our country. The organization started on the 17th of July 2005 and was legalized by the Divisional office, Limbe of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization on the 6th of October 2005 (Reg. Nº 640/G.13/D.14/1/VOL.9/T/OAPP) and the Divisional office, Limbe of Ministry of Youth Affairs on the 19th of June 2008 (Reg. Nº 019/MINJEUN/DDYAFL/DD).


The organization is managed through an independent Board of Directors (from Denmark, Italy, Germany, USA and Cameroon) that meets once every year (October). The day-to-day activities of the organization are run by an administrative team headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) assisted by three Directors of Programs (DP-Peace/Nonviolence, DP-Social Justice, and DP-Sustainable Development). Each project is headed by a project director drawn from the staff.


The organization works with 12 permanent staff, part-time and volunteers (nationals and expatriates). Additional project staff are recruited on contract basis during the life cycle of each project.


Working Languages

The working languages of the organization are English and French.


These programs and projects are being realized thanks to the financial and technical support of national and international organizations such as Divisional Delegation of Youth Affairs, Luther King Memorial Foundation (LUKMEF) Cameroon, Peer Education Program of Cameroon (PEP-CAM), National Employment Fund, Media Africa Group, Elion Rock Foundation, PRIMEAFRICA, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cameroon, TK Computers & Linguistic Foundation, International Governance Institute, National Port Authority Corporative Credit Union, Limbe Urban Council, SAMCO Group of Companies, Ocean City Radio, Neat Print, Advanced communication, Eden Radio & Newspaper, Delice Atlantic Bakery, Victoria bakery, First Investment for Financial Assistance (FIFFA) and Steve Jones Communications.   


Donate Now

Your investment helps OGCEYOD bring lasting Victories over poverty to the Nation’s poorest communities. It helps us bring hope, put smiles on many faces and build a peaceful nation. Click here to contact us.

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